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What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix!

How on earth did we ever survive without the wonder that is Netflix! Continuous streaming, no ads and seriously good content! The only problem is… there are too many amazing shows and movies, and I never know which one ti pick! So I thought I would jump on here every once and a while and share with you a few things I’ve been watching lately and let you know my thoughts. Maybe it’ll help you pick your next series to binge, or let you know what to avoid. Hopefully you will all have some recommendations for me too!


Recently Watched


Santa Clarita Diet – Season 2

So I have been waiting for this for so damn long! When Season 1 was released, the boyfriend and I binged it so hard. It was the most ridiculous and utterly amazing thing I had seen in a long time, and I was so mad at us for finishing it too quickly. It left us with way too long to wait for more.

Even after all of that what did we do… we binged Season 2 just as hard! And it did not disappoint. The story line just keeps getting more and more ridiculous and I keep falling harder and harder in love with it. If you haven’t watched this show DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH IT NOW!


Queer Eye – Season 2

Ahhh I love these boys so much. I was so damn excited when they announced they were rebooting the series, and I loved Season 1. I was ridiculously happy to see Season 2 pop up that I pretty much watched the whole season right away. My only complaint… NOT ENOUGH EPISODES.



Party of Five

This show started airing when I was teeny tiny, however I definitely remember watching the later seasons and reruns when I was a little older. However I had never watched the whole thing from start to finish. I am so glad I did, because it was everything I love in a Family Drama with a little nostalgia thrown in. After making my way through all 6 seasons, I was incredibly sad to say goodbye.



Currently Watching

How To Get Away With Murder

This has been on my radar for a while but I just never got round to watching it. And I am so glad I didn’t let it slip by. I have just started Season 2 and I am so hooked. The suspense is actually eating me alive, and I have been shocked and surprised so many damn times already.



What have you been watching on Netflix lately?