Book & Bloom is rebuilding!

Hello my lovelies! So you may have noticed I have a little absent. You may have even seen that Book & Bloom completely disappeared from existence for a few days… Well I am back! Kinda, anyway.

Due to some super frustrating and unforeseen circumstances, pretty much everything disappeared from the blog. EVERYTHING! The whole website basically caught fire and then laughed at me as it burned…

So I am rebuilding the whole damn thing from scratch… The page is up and running again and all my info pages are back, but none of the content is back just yet. I have some new stuff in the works and I am working on rewriting all my recipes and other relevant posts for y’all. I am also debating over whether or not to rewrite all my reviews, and possibly pull all my hair out in the process.

So basically the lesson here kiddos is to not just back up your shit… Back up your damn back ups! And then maybe even back those up too, just to be safe!


Thanks in advance to all of you who decide to stick around and be patient with me! Let me know if there is anything you would like to see here at Book & Bloom since I’m starting over again 🙂