Estelle’s Clubhouse Birthday Party – Part 1

For our daughters 3rd birthday last month we decided to throw her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party, or better yet… an Estelle’s Clubhouse birthday party! I had so much fun creating all the bits and pieces to bring the whole thing together, so I thought I would share them all with you here 🙂

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to create as much as I could for the party. I think the little homemade touches are what really make a party fantastic, and definitely make them more memorable. Also, once I know how I want something I am like a dog with a bone, and it can be so so hard to find all the elements you want already made. Making them myself ensured that the vision I had in my head really came to life!

Instead of posting invitations out to everyone we just set up a Facebook Event, and put this cute  invite on there for everyone to see.

Estelle and I had so much fun having a little photoshoot in her Minnie Mouse costume, and a good old Snapchat filter for the ears! Plus it makes an adorable keepsake for her scrapbook!

The first thing I knew I had to make was Mickey and Minnie party hats! We had collected a few pairs of ears, but definitely not enough for a whole party. So we had to have hats! Everyone loved them so much, that half of them were gone by the time I got round to taking a photo!

These were super easy and fun to make, although I will admit they were a little fiddly! First I stuck white circles all over the pink hats to make polka dots, and on the front of the red hats to look like Mickeys buttons. This was a last minute decision as I had some left over A4 sticker paper from another project. I used my circle punch to make the circles and then just stuck them to the hats.

Next was the ears! I used one of the ear headbands to make a template, and cut enough pairs of ears out of black card for all the hats. Next was the fiddly bit… using the hot glue gun to stick them to the sides of the hat. They didn’t take much glue, and they did not take long to dry either, but I had to be very careful to not let the glue drip all over the hats.

I created the ‘We’ve got ears, it’s time for cheers’ print in the background, popped it in a frame and there we have it… ears for all the guests!

I continued with the ear theme as I moved onto the plates! Again, super easy and I used the same template as I did for the ears on the hats. I just glued them to the bottom of the plate so they stuck out the top.

However instead of polka dots, I added a pink bow for the Minnie plates. These were a big hit with all the kiddies. They were very excited to be getting all their Birthday Treats on a plate with ears!

I paired them up with Pink and White, and Red and Black napkins, and I was really happy with how it all looked on the table together!


Next up we have the Handy Helpers… aka the cutlery! After checking over my menu for the party I decided we really only needed forks for the cake! The rest was pretty much finger food. This made things nice and easy. I grabbed some bamboo forks but then I decided they looked too boring compared to the rest of the party items. After creating a template for a Mickey Mouse hand or a ‘Handy Helper’ I just printed them, cut them out and glued them to the ends. Then I created a template for the Handy Helpers sign and this part was complete!

This was probably one of my favourite little touches on the whole table!

I thought they looked so cute, and again the kids seemed to really get a kick out of using their Handy Helper forks.


Cups and Straws! Obviously a must have at a kids party. The straws I had planned for months, but the cups were going to be plain… until I decided that was too boring! And the cup and straw combo ended up being my favourite element of the whole party!

I created the templates for the straws, using Mickey, Minnie and Estelle faces. Estelle got a real kick out of her face being included with Mickey and Minnie, and all the guests thought it was really fun. I probably could have just skipped the Mickey and Minnie ones as everyone at the party wanted an Estelle straw!

Cutting out all the small faces was quite time consuming and I did get frustrated at times, but once they were glued onto the straws I was really happy I persisted with it because they turned out so cute! I think these will be a standard piece at many birthday parties too come!


Now, Estelles face wasn’t only featured on the Straws… I put her on the cups too! Along with Mickey and all his Clubhouse pals too of course!

I found an amazing template for Mickey and the Gang all holding balloons HERE, so I used all of those and then simply made an extra for Estelle. I glued them all on the cups individually and I was so so happy with the finished process.

I can’t believe I almost left the cups plain and boring, when I could make them look this awesome with just a few print outs and some glue! We will never have boring party cups ever again.


I know I’ve said it already, but I was so happy with how all of these elements turned out, and how great they all looked together on the table. They really helped bring together the Estelle’s Clubhouse Birthday Party theme! I am already so excited to put together her next party, even though it’s 11 months away!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Estelle’s Clubhouse Birthday Party – Part 2… IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!!!


Did you ever have a themed party as a kid, or have you thrown one for your children?







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