Teen Wolf Reactions – Season 6B FINAL!

AND IT’S OVER! I have so many feels that I’m having a hard time containing them all! I have no idea what I am going to do now that Teen Wolf is officially over (probably rewatch it many many times) but I will start with sharing my final shouty, ranty and fangirly reactions about Teen Wolf with you all…

  • Ooooh is it Stiles at the door!? No, just Argent šŸ™
  • Okay so who is this kid… aww who cares, Scott and Argent are having a moment!
  • And back to the crazy people shooting at everyone… AND YES STILES! MY BAE IS BACK! HE”S BAAAAAAAAACK šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
  • Aw man… never thought I’d be sad about Deucalion, but I really am.
  • JUST GO AWAY GERARD! Leave Jackson aloooooone!
  • Lydia, why are you even questioning Stiles. He could talk himself into absolutely anything. Even a super secret and dangerous FBI mission…
  • Haha, omg. Stiles and his toe. Best Sterek moment ever, Derek carrying my poor baby.
  • Heck yes, Melissa is seriously so badass. Take that hoospital back.
  • Laughing so much, of course your biggest fear is blindness… of course! Ā This episode has already been the best all season, because Stiles is back.
  • My god, Colton Haynes is a sexy man… even when he has a tail.
  • Lydia and Jacksons reunion, omg the cutest. And poor Stiles getting all jealous.
  • So much sexual tension between Theo and Liam… KISS ALREADY!
  • Oh my goodness Derek, poor baby. Your worst fear is making me sad. DON’T LOOK AT IT!
  • Lol of course Gerard shot you Kate, you idiot! What did you think was going to happen.
  • AW SCOTT IS SCARED OF VOID STILES *tears* … but yay Void Stiles <3
  • Haha omg, perfect Coach moment. So perfect!
  • Aw Theo baby, look at you caring about something.
  • Shame Guidance Councillor.. You lost!
  • HEAL SCOTT! COME ON! Oh my goodness, Lydia is remembering Stiles’ panic attack, my heart!
  • Of course Melissa and Argent are together (still Team Stilinski over here)
  • Aw look it’s the gang, all together, being super cute as usual.

I can’t believe that its over. After 6 seasons, I had become ridiculously invested in the fictional lives of all these characters, and now I just don’t know what I’m going to do *falls dramaticall to the floor*. Although, I feel like it would have been much much worse if Stiles had been more prominant throughout the season. After all, he is the #1 reason I love Teen Wolf so much.

So since I almost renamed this weekly post to ‘Waiting on Stiles’ so many times, I think it is only fitting that we talk about my bae Stiles first. OH MY GOODNESS MY BABY! I was so so so happy to see him, and so glad they brought him in right at the beginning instead of making us wait. So of course the first thing he does is save the day, and then complain that know one had told him about any of this. Perfect Stiles entrance! I may have squealed a little bit when I saw him (my poor actual boyfriend, I have no idea how he deals with me).

Then we had more Stiles perfection as he “explained” what happened with him and Derek, and how he ended up back in Beacon Hills. Of course he talked himself into the mission, why did you even question it Lydia. As Derek said, it’s more surprising he didn’t manage to talk them into letting him run the whole thing. SO MUCH STEREK IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME! And my babies poor toe! I was laughing so hard.

And of course Stiles came in and saved the damn day (okay, maybe Scott had something to do with it… LOL, I am going to talk about that). But seriously… Stiles, the wonderful, fragile, beautiful human that he is! He is always saving the day and I’m going to miss him so much.

Next I want to talk about Jackson. Beautiful Jackson, how happy I was that you returned (and with your cute boyfriend too). That scene where he escaped by using his tail, first he was looking all sexy and then the tail came out. To be honest, tail isn’t a deal breaker for me. Haha!

Then the Lydia and Jackson reunion… SO PERFECT! SO CUTE! And Stiles being all cute and jealous in the corner just watching, trying to get them to stop touching. SO DAMN CUTE! The only thing cuter was Jackson revealing his relationship with Ethan and the way Stiles and Lydia reacted. Specially Lydia. I smiled so much at that entire little scene.

Okay so obviously I gotta put some Scott appreciation in here. So first off… how cute was that moment when Scott hugged Derek at the start of the episode. That got another little squeal from me. Then of course he went about his usual job of keeping everyone positive and optimistically thinking everything was going to work out just fine… typical Scott.

That scene in the library was so heartbreaking. First we see Void Stiles (I was pretty happy about that though, because Void Stiles <3) and then his other friends, and his worst fear is letting them down! Talk about a stab to the heart. Then of course he only goes and CLAWS HIS DAMN EYES OUT WTF SCOTT! Pretty sure I yelled at the TV the entire time that was happening.

My favourite moment though was when he couldn’t heal. Lydia remembered when Stiles had his panic attack and she kissed him, more squealing from me. So so cute! So of course, Scott healed and everyone lived happily ever after.

I did have a few disapointments…

  • Not enough Stiles
  • No Stiles and Stilinski moment
  • No Scott and Melissa moment
  • Hardly any Jackson and Ethan
  • Theo and Liam didn’t kiss
  • Guidance Councillor got away
  • Not enough Stiles

Overall though, I really enjoyed the episode. It was full of nostalgia, cute boys and action, and I like the way they ended it so that it is open for a potential spin off. Sure, I think some things could have been done better, but it was pretty awesome. I am super sad it is over, and I know I will be rewatching the whole thing again in the near future when I need a Teen Wolf fix.

Did you watch the final episode of Teen Wolf? What were your favourite moments? Did you think they ended it well?

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