Book & Blooms plans for a Spring garden!

HELLO SPRING! It’s so nice to see you again! September down here in the Southern Hemisphere marks the beginning of Spring. The flowers start blooming, the little lambies are born, this particular blogger turns a year older, and everyone starts their gardening! It’s definitely a very exciting time for the Bloom side of Book & Bloom πŸ™‚

So I decided I would share with you my Spring gardening projects, and hopefully inspire some of you to start some gardening of your own! September is definitely the time to be thinking about growing your own fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers! This year we will be creating a Container Garden, as unfortunately we do not have the space to plant in the ground. However, there are so many different Fruits and Vegetables that you can grow in pots and containers, so if you too are lacking space that doesn’t mean you can’t have a kick ass fruit and veggie garden!

To start us off we have an adorable little Meyer Lemon Tree, and a bunch of Strawberry plants! Both of these grow wonderfully in pots and will hopefully provide you with fruit all through the summer. We are also hoping to add a Lime Tree and a Blueberry bush, and perhaps some other berries and maybe an Apple Tree to our container garden this year!

Dwarf varieties of Citrus Trees, and Apple Trees, will grow happily in pots, but just make sure they are quite deep to give their roots plenty of room. You will need to feed them well if you want them to produce a lot of fruit, so if you plan on growing a citrus tree make sure you look into a Citrus Fertaliser!

Strawberries will grow well in a large container, but they will grow even better in a hanging container! If you have the space to grow them in hanging pots or baskets, then it is definitely something to look into. They will love you for it!

For the vegetables, we are planning on quite a few this year. Plenty of greens like Broccoli, Spinach, Kale and Beans. But we are also hoping to have tomatoes, potatoes and a whole heap of beautiful herbs!

All of these vegetables also grow wonderfully in pots, and many of them will thrive if you plant them together, and help deter nasty pests. For example, planting Tomatoes with Basil is a great idea as the Basil is a natural deterrent for white flies, mosquitoes and other annoying things that love Tomatoes. It is also thought to improve the flavor of your Tomatoes! How cool is that!


Are any of you planting anything this Spring? Let me know what your plans are for your garden!


  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    September 14, 2017 at 11:34 pm

    Oh it’s so nice to read a post actually talking about Spring for once!πŸ˜‚Everywhere I go online these days seems to be aaall about autumn haha. Ahem. Anyway YAY FOR SPRING. I’m not really big on growing things but my parents’ garden is going crazy and I adore picking strawberries. 😊

    1. Toni-Emma @ Book & Bloom

      September 15, 2017 at 8:23 am

      Haha that’s what we get for following bloggers from the north right! Haha. Everything is always opposite! I find myself having to edit tags and prompts because they are all aimed at the season in the Northern Hemisphere.

      Yay, that is so exciting when a garden takes off and there is tonnes of fresh fruit and veggies just waiting to be picked. We have had to get even more strawberry plants this year as they just couldn’t keep up with our strawberry appetite last year! I can’t wait to pick a bunch and make a Strawberry Cheesecake with them. And then sit outside in my garden with a good book, and some good dessert.

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