Teen Wolf Reactions – Season 6B Episode 7

Teen Wolf time! Check out my reactions to last weeks episode HERE. So I was a day late getting to watch Teen Wolf again this week, but oh my goodness what an episode! There were parts that annoyed me to the point of yelling at the TV, and there were parts that were so wonderful that I didn’t want them to end!

  • LONDON! We all know what this means! Ethan and Colton are finally back. AND THEY ARE TOETHER!!! Oh my fangirl heart <3
  • Okay now who got shot… NOOOOO NIT MELISSA OMG!
  • So like everyone got hurt? Where is Chris at??? And has anyone called Stiles since his girlfriend is in the hospital?
  • Seriously… Deucalion! Out of everyone you could have called, you called him first. WTF SCOTT
  • Yay more Colton. Oh how I have missed Colton.
  • Omg Liam! Calm down! When Theo is your voice of reason, something is very very wrong with you!
  • YES PETER! Shit always goes down once you get Peter involved. He always resists the cause, but it won’t take him long to join.
  • Okay so you thought I hated the damn Guidance Councillor before…but now she is just being a massive bitch. You do not mess with the Sheriff.
  • Lol, you finally figured out who the first face is did ya? Took you all long enough.
  • Ugh, lets go find this pack that has never been mentioned before because that might be a good twist for the plot… bad writing there.
  • Ooooh yes, Banshee and Hell Hound connection bringing them to the clues!
  • Oh Jackson… Your ego always gets you in trouble!

Okay so first we have to talk about… ETHAN AND JACKSON OMG! I stay away from all spoilers that I possibly can, including trailers, which meant I had no idea this was happening. I had accidentally seen the title of this episode so had assumed Jackson would be making an appearance. But not Ethan too… AND NOT THE BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER. My fangirl heart skipped a beat.

Their whole “He talks, I listen” thing was adorable! And of course Jacksons ego had to be the thing to get them in trouble. It always does! The fact that the episode ended with them held hostage made me so happy, as it means they are definitely sticking around for at least one more episode, but I am crossing my fingers they stick around till the end.

So the shooting thing was a little anticlimactic for me. It was super emotional to learn that Melissa was hurt, and to see Scott sitting in the waiting room, but then she was okay so quickly. And then we discover that others were hurt too, but it was very glossed over. Did anyone even call Stiles to tell him that Melissa who is like a Mother to him, and his girlfriend were in the hospital? GIVE ME SOME STILES!!! Also, where the hell is Chris? Has he just disappeared into thin air?

I am still absolutely loving the whole Liam and Theo dynamic. When Theo seems like the sane one, something is definitely wrong. The fear is really messing with Liams anger, and if it keeps going the way it is, I don’t think it will be long until he kills someone. Hopefully Theo is there to help him clean it all up… sounds like he knows what to do!

Okay so, I have to address some of the issues I am having with this season. The writing is actually pretty darn terrible… Firstly, the damn Guidance Councillor. She isn’t just an annoying character, she is a badly written character. Her motives for what she is doing are so flimsy, and they could have made her issue with the supernatural so much stronger, and for lack of a better word, realistic.

Second… Plot Holes! So many damn plot holes. And then they try to fill the plot holes with random new information that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Like, oh hey lets go find this random thing that has never been mentioned in all 6 seasons of the show… yeah okay! I miss Deaton… he was always there to explain away the things that may have been a little confusing.

Third… so many over the top scenes. Like really, the scene where Guidance Councillor took over the Sheriffs Station. I don’t think I could have rolled my eyes harder.

Overall, I am enjoying all the returning cast (and really hoping to see a few more from the old Teen Wolf squad), and the big bad this season is actually really damn terrifying. But I feel like they could be doing soooo much better with the writing since this is the very last season. Only three episodes to go people. I’m starting to get pretty damn sad about it. What am I going to do without my Teen Wolf 🙁


Did you watch this latest episode of Teen Wolf? What were your favourite moments? Are you getting as frustrated as I am, or should I just stop complaining?


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