Teen Wolf Reactions – Season 6B Episode 6

Since I am back, that means Teen Wolf Reactions are too! Unfortunately we did not get to watch Episode 6 when it came out on Monday, as we were watching the Leaders Debate in preparation for our countries election this month (if you are an New Zealander, please make sure you are registered to vote!). However we did manage to watch it last night after the Little Miss went to bed, so it’s time for all my shouty, rambling, often over the top, Teen Wolf reactions… If you want to see my reactions to earlier episodes, you can find them HERE.

  • Okay, this kid 100% looks like a little Ed Sheeran. He is so cute, something bad is definitely going to happen to him!
  • What a damn awful school environment this is, having douchebags going around slicing everyone’s hands open.
  • Ugh Nolan and this goddamn Guidance Councillor are so annoying. They just ruin everything! And she is such a coward, making children do the dirty work.
  • Lol, Mason tricking Nolan was priceless… “he’s actually terrible at this”
  • Argent is so adorable, looking out for everyone. I just want to squish him.
  • I am so happy Theo is okay. I know he can be a dick, but he is just do damn cute!
  • How is Gerard always so far ahead of everyone. It’s really starting to bug me.
  • Oh my god, Scott is a fucking SPYWOLF jumping over the motion sensors.
  • This whole Scott and Malia thing was really weird in the beginning, but it is starting to get super adorable now… I think I’m on board now… I’m shipping it.
  • Heck yes Lydia, blasting down that door. Banshee powers for the win!
  • Guidance Councillor is even annoying Gerard now. GET RID OF HER!
  • And now we have kissing!
  • OH SHIT! The whole damned town is armed now!
  • also… no Stiles. Not even a Stiles mention 🙁

Okay, so first I need to address just how annoying Nolan and stupid Guidance Councillor are (I refuse to acknowledge that she even has an actual name). They are honestly just starting to piss me off at this point with there warped morals and beliefs. Although, I don’t think it’ll be long until Nolan switches sides. He’s super scared but it seems now that his fear is shifting towards the hunters, and how they will react if he doesn’t perform the way they want him too.

That scene where he was pointing the crossbow at Liam and he said “I have to kill you. If I don’t, she’ll kill me” felt awfully reminiscent of the Draco Malfoy/Voldemort relationship. He’s got stuck in this group, and he is in so deep that his own life is now in danger if he doesn’t take the orders he is given. So I don’t give him long before he is begging for Scott and Liam to help him.

Theo was so damn wonderful in this episode. He is still trying to act like a right dick, but deep down he isn’t that bad at all. He’s super adorable, and in his own arrogant way he is just looking out for everyone. When he knocked out Liam and turned to Nolan and said “Run”, I may have actually swooned. If I can’t have Stiles, at least I have Theo and his ridiculously attractive smirk.

Something else that was super adorable this episode was the whole Scott and Malia situation. I’ll admit that I haven’t always been a Malia fan. Honestly I think it was simply because she got in the way of the Stiles/Lydia ship setting sail. But I am loving her story line with Scott. He is always looking at her like he is in complete awe of her spontaneity and courage, and she is so cute trying to say what she is feeling but not being able to get it all out. So now that we have had the kiss, I can imagine we are going to get even more awkward and cute moments in the next few episodes.

And obviously we have to talk about that ending. First of all, I don’t understand why people ignore Lydia when she tells them all what she is hearing, seeing and feeling. Listen to her for gods sake, she’s a damn Banshee! So obviously we knew something bad was coming after all Lydia’s premonitions, but I was not expecting the whole damn town to arm themselves and just start shooting up Scott’s house. I understand this creepy thing is terrifying everyone to the point of them becoming irrational, but they are even beyond that now. There were people in that house that were completely human! And on that note… who do you think is bleeding everywhere? Obviously they left it till next episode to reveal, because that’s just good TV, but there is one thing we know… it’s got to be one of the parents. Poor Scott 🙁

And obviously, no Stiles once again. I don’t think we are going to catch another glimpse of him till the very end of the season, to be honest. I am still seriously thinking about changing the title of my Teen Wolf Reaction posts to Waiting On Stiles. Haha!

I did happen to catch the title of next weeks episode though, and I am very excited about what it means… I won’t say anymore, but if you want to check it out you should know what I am talking about right away!


Did you watch this latest episode of Teen Wolf? What were your favourite moments? Who do you think got shot?

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