Monthly Wrap Up – AUGUST

Oh my goodness everyone, it feels like I have been gone for the longest time! I got so busy throughout August that there was not a lot of time for Blogging and Instagram on top of everything else, but things have calmed down now so… I’m back!! I thought I’d still do a quick wrap up for the month of August, even though not a lot of reading was done!

So as August was so busy for me I read 0 books. I know, I know, it makes me sad too, however I have been doing so well this year that I am still on track with my Good Reads goal!

I did receive a whole heap of book mail though! In fact, I received 11 books in the mail throughout the month of August!

4 of these I purchased myself , and 7 were sent to me by a very generous publisher for me to review for all you lovelies! Keep an eye on the blog to see all the books I received, and for reviews on them in the (hopefully) near future!


GAME OF THRONES FINAL, OH MY GOD! That was such an intense episode, and I can’t believe the season is over already! I’ve missed a few Teen Wolf reaction posts, but I definitely haven’t been missing Teen Wolf! New episode tonight, so hopefully we will be resuming Teen Wolf reactions tomorrow!

We have been playing catch up with Arrow and Flash, as we are so so behind! We really need to be all caught up by the end of next month, as actors from both shows with be at the Armageddon Expo and we definitely do not want to hear any spoilers during their panels!

This month I also started watching Girls, and oh my goodness it is hilarious. I had been meaning to watch it forever and I am so glad I have started it. So I have almost finished with Season 2 and I cannot wait to jump into Season 3 and find out what other crazy shit those characters can get up to!

We haven’t made a lot of progress on the Movie Challenge this month. Only 3 movies have been crossed off the list. And unfortunately with September being another busy month, I don’t expect our next update to be up for a little while!

We also didn’t get time to head to the Cinema this month either, but I am desperate to take little Miss 2 for the first time as soon as possible. I think she is old enough now to really enjoy it, and I can’t wait! I just need to keep my eye out at whats playing at the cinemas so we can pick the perfect one!

Now this is something I did a lot of this month… listening to music. My go to playlist for the month of August was the Boy Bands and Girl Groups playlist over on the Book & Bloom spotify. I have been really loving listening to some of my childhood 90’s favourites, so much fun!

So music wise it was a very Poptastic month in this house. You’ve got to dust off the 90’s playlist every now and again, it’s just so much fun!

So this list isn’t too bad actually.. I started off the month strong, and posted a whole heap. The end of the month was very quiet though, so my goal for September is to post so much that you all get sick of me to make up for it!

And here are some posts by other bloggers that I managed to read in August, and really loved!

This month we had quite a few bunches of Daffodils around the house. As we started moving into Spring, I started seeing Daffodils everywhere. Daffodils hold a very special meaning to myself and my family, so I plan to surround us with them as much as possible!

The Daffodil is the birth flower for the month of March, and generally means New Beginnings as they bloom in the Springtime. They are a gorgeous flower to plant in your garden, and they can bloom from 6 weeks to 6 months!

Daffodils are a wonderful flower to give to a loved one, as it is said gifting a bouquet of daffodils is believed to ensure happiness to the recipient of the flowers. They are also the flower that represents a 10th Wedding Anniversary. However some believe that presenting just a single Daffodil means Bad Luck is in their future, so keep that in mind if you choose these gorgeous yellow blooms as a gift!

Obviously I didn’t get to most of the things I wanted to in August, but that’s okay. Fingers crossed I can start rolling them out in September! Plenty of book reviews to come, for all kinds of genres! Now that it is Spring, there will be some serious gardening going on here at Book & Bloom so I hope to take you along on that journey. I promised food posts, so I am going to do my best to deliver some of those this month. Hopefully I can get to all of that for you, plus more!


How was August for you? What did you get up to?





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