Movie Challenge Update #1

Recently my boyfriend and I took on a crazy ambitious movie watching challenge, which you can read all about HERE, and we are officially ready for the first update!

We have crossed off the first 10 movies in our movie challenge! The winter weather has meant we have had a lot of time to curl up with blankets on the couch and watch movies. So far it has been absolutely wonderful. We have both watched some movies we would have never given a chance if we weren’t doing this, and you know what… we really enjoyed them!

The boyfriend has stated that his highlights of the first 10 were Pulp Fiction and The Help (great choices right!) However he did not enjoy Vertical Limit or Public Enemies very much… if at all! I believe the phrase “that’s 2 hours of my life I will never get back” was used after we  finished Vertical Limit. However I loved Vertical Limit! I’m a sucker for those Natural Disaster type movies.

My highlight of the 10 was definitely The Aviator. I am a big fan of Leo, but I had never seen that one before and it was amazing. His performance was wonderful, and the whole movie was so intriguing! We were also pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed Disclosure. We may have laughed a fair amount at all the 90’s computers, but I was genuinely interested in the plot and characters too! I wasn’t a huge fan of Clear and Present Danger or The Bourne Identity. I found both quite boring and predictable.


We had a great first 10, with only a few disappointments. Getting a little variety outside our normal movie choices has sparked a lot of great conversations and opened the horizons for a whole heap more movies in new genres we never used to look at twice. It’s safe to say we are definitely excited to continue with this challenge. So here are…

the next 10 movies on the list!

481. Million Dollar Baby
480. Collateral
479. Jack Reacher
476. It’s Complicated
475. Planes
473. The Terminal
469. Pressumed Innocent
467. Jumper
466. Fahrenheit 9/11
463. Flightplan

There are quite a few on here that neither of us have seen, which is really great! And I am happy to see a kids movie in this next 10, as that means our daughter can join us to watch that one, and it’s one I think she is really going to like!

Do you see any of your favourites on our second list of movies?


  1. Jeanna

    August 16, 2017 at 3:32 am

    I love Leo too and I haven’t heard of The Aviator; that movie is definitely going on my list! The Help is one of my favorites as well, so good! I saw Million Dollar Baby in the theaters and Clint Eastwood is such a fabulous actor. I rarely cry during movies and Million Dollar Baby was definitely a tearjerker. The Jack Reacher movies are good; I haven’t read the books but out of all of Tom Cruise’s films, I prefer his Mission Impossible series to his Jack Reacher ones. Jumper is lots of fun- also, based on a book- I love movies that play around with time, in this case, time jumping. I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 for class and remember it being a bit long but enjoying it. And Flightplan will definitely get your heart pumping. It’s always interesting to see how movies survive with minimum setting changes-if you like Flightplan, you should definitely consider Red Eye which I saw around the same time and loved both! Happy watching! This list is really awesome!

    1. Toni-Emma @ Book & Bloom

      August 31, 2017 at 7:35 am

      Definitely put it on your list! So interesting, and Leo was fantastic in it.

      I love Million Dollar Baby, but the Boyfriend has never seen it so I’m excited to see if he likes it or not! I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan so I’ve never seen the Jack Reacher movies but I have read some of the books. I’ve also read Jumper but I’ve never seen the movie. I didn’t even know it was a movie! Crazy. Fahrenheit 9/11 is one that neither of us have seen so we are looking forward to that. And I absolutely love Flightplan! But thats another one the boyfriend has never seen so on the list it goes.

      That is what is so cool about this list. We are watching each others kind of movies, as well as movies neither of us have ever seen before. I am very keen to get through this next 10 and see what we think.

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