Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers – REVIEW

Since I have a crazy, cute & clever little toddler at my disposal, I thought it was time we shined a little spotlight on some of our favourite Children’s Books! My hope is that Little Miss 2 will be able to help me with a few reviews each month, from the perspective of the toddler! And I will let you know what I thought about it as the parent. Should be fun…if she cooperates, haha!

Title: Lost and Found

Author: Oliver Jeffers

Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Published: September 2005 by Harper Collins

Page Count: 32

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What is a boy to do when a lost penguin shows up at his door? Find out where it comes from, of course, and return it. But the journey to the South Pole is long and difficult in the boy’s rowboat. There are storms to brave and deep, dark nights.To pass the time, the boy tells the penguin stories. Finally, they arrive. Yet instead of being happy, both are sad. That’s when the boy realizes: The penguin hadn’t been lost, it had merely been lonely.

A poignant, funny, and child-friendly story about friendship lost . . . and then found again. – Goodreads

Little Miss 2 is absolutely obsessed with all kinds of Sea Animals, so Lost and Found was a winner from the moment she saw the Penguin on the front cover. She even had me pause the story so she could run off and find her stuffed Penguin to share the story with.

Oliver Jeffers books always have such wonderful illustrations, so I was definitely admiring them while reading this to my girl. The soft lines and colours make this a very beautiful book before you even get to the story. But the story is pretty beautiful too.


First and foremost, this story comes across to me as a story of friendship, and being there for people when they need you. Definitely one of the most important lessons we want our Children to learn as they grow up.

As soon as Miss 2 saw the illustration of the sad Penguin she said “Aw don’t worry, Penguin will be alright”. That melted my heart a little. The optimism of a 2 year old is such a precious thing. Before we even knew what was wrong, she knew it would all be alright in the end.


I deeply appreciated the little addition of  Penguins coming from the South Pole. It has given me something to go on in regards to some educational activities for Miss 2. Using this book as a starting off point for where penguins come from, could branch out into more learning about Penguins and what amazing creatures they are.

When the boy dropped the Penguin off and said goodbye, Miss 2 was very sad, but not for long as The Boy quickly realizes his mistake and heads back. But when the Penguin wasn’t there… “Oh no! Penguin is missing!” Miss 2 cried out, so I quickly made my way through the rest of the story looking for the happy ending for her. And when we found it she was so happy. The Penguin rowing in the umbrella made her giggle, and when The Boy and the Penguin hugged she let out a big “Awwww”.

The winning moment of the entire book though was the very last page. As The Boy and the Penguin rowed on home you can see the silloette of some large whales underneath them in the water. Now I mentioned earlier that Miss 2 loves Sea Animals… well Whales are her very favourite. As soon as I turned the page she yelled “LOOK AT THE WHALES” and pointed excitedly to them on the page.

She calmed down and I read the last line, finishing it off with a big “THE END”, and she turned to look at me and said… “read it again!”


“Read it again!” is probably the best review a book can get from a toddler. So we read it again, and when we finished it for the second time, do you know what she said? “READ IT AGAIN!”. Lost and Found was definitely a winner!

From a parents point of view, I really loved the length of Lost and Found. There was just enough on each page to keep my girl entertained without her losing interest and wanting to turn the page before I had finished. The illustrations were fun, and Miss 2 enjoyed pointing all the different things out to me. The birds in the trees, the lighthouse on the wharf, the stars in the sky, and of course the whales!

The educational value of this story was definitely in the friendship aspects. Taking care of each other, always being their for one another, and never leaving a loved one behind. All beautiful aspects of this story, and ones I definitely want Miss 2 to grow up with.

I did a little investigating, and I found a few activities over at the Oliver Jeffers Stuff website that tie in with this book. I always love when you can find tie in activities to extend on the book. Great for keeping your little one entertained, and also wonderful for their little developing minds! Available on the website were downloadable activity sheets to make Boy and Penguin puppets (which is technically for another one of his books but same characters!) and to colour the Boy and the Penguin.

We are definitely going to give these a go this week, and I am sure she is going to love them and they will lead to many many more reads of Lost and Found!


Have you read Lost and Found to your little one? Did they love it as much as Miss 2?


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