Teen Wolf Reactions – Season 6B Episode 2

Oh hey look… we are already here! Bonus to waiting a few days to watch the first episode was having the second so soon. Downside to watching the second episode right away… I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE WEEK FOR EPISODE THREE.

So after loving last weeks episode (you can read my reaction post HERE), I will admit that my hopes were a little high for this weeks. I was so ready to find out more about what was going on this season. So what were my reactions while watching Episode 2…Β If you haven’t watched it yet, you know not to go any further!

  • IT’S THEO! Aw poor Theo, this is so sad *tears up*
  • No no no no, Theoooooooo! (I know he was a dick but nooooo)
  • Opening credits are still making me mad! Also, not expecting to see Stiles at all tonight but my fingers are still firmly crossed.
  • Ew, Gerard voice over. Whats the bet he is gunna show up.
  • Ugh Malia… Scott just said there are hunters WHY ARE YOU YELLING!
  • Parish is so cute. Just thought you should all be aware of that.
  • Scotts loyalty to Argent is one of my favourite things ever!
  • Liam and Mason are bringing the humor again.
  • “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”… AHH SOUNDS LIKE GERARD!
  • AHH HELMET SPIDERS! Nightmares are definitely coming for me!
  • Argent is seriously not stupid enough to have ALLISON as his password is he?
  • Parish, you are so stupid. NEVER GO ALONE! You are still cute though.
  • The music in this show is always so perfect. Specially for the scenes on the Lacrosse field.
  • Ahhh Eichen House is always so damn creepy. And everyone that works there is super crazy.
  • Liam is literally going to explode one day!
  • Lol Argent… “You’re standing on him”. Argent is such a badass.
  • Nooo you can’t freeze Parish! This is exactly why you never go alone!
  • Still hoping to see Stiles. Lydia needs to call him!
  • Lol of course Scott dropped the damn bullet casing.
  • Go get Parish, Lydia! Go get him and then call your boyfriend! WOOO BANSHEE POWERS
  • Malia is worried about Scott… IT’S PROGRESS!
  • What is making every one so scared? I am so intrigued.
  • GERARD! Ugh I told you! Gross.

WHY IS GERARD BACK, HE’S SO GROSS AND CREEPY! I saw that coming from the very start. This show doesn’t usually do things for no reason, so his voice over was a huge hint! But that also has me thinking that we haven’t seen the last of Theo *crosses fingers*, because it was strange to just throw him in the start with no more info or anything. I’m a bit of a Theo fan so I’m definitely hoping that’s not the last we have seen of him!

I love love loved all the Argent stuff. From the moment they all didn’t say anything to the Sheriff out of loyalty to Argent, to them cracking his computer (but come on Argent… what kind of an idiot makes his password Allison), to them ruining his plan to find out who was buying the guns. I am so happy they kept him in the story line after Allison because he is such a great character. Although, I’m still not sure about his kiss with Melissa last season. I am still shipping Melissa and Stilinski!

BUT OMG WHY SO MANY SPIDERS! Nightmares are definitely coming for me after seeing all those fricken spiders! You could have picked anything and you picked SPIDERS! AHHH EW! Why are they crawling into people? I need to know more! And why is Eichen House is always so damn creepy. They should just knock that place down right now. Get rid of it forever and ever! But seriously, they are already doing such a good job of keeping this season creepy and intruiging. What has everyone so damn scared! It’s almost like fear has found a home deep inside everyone and is making them act insane! So keen for more.

And as I predicted, no Stiles. I feel like I’m watching Game of Thrones, always waiting for a glimpse of my favourite character, and always being let down, haha! However hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer till we get a little more Stiles… I should probably change the name of this segment to “Waiting on Stiles”. I feel like that would be more accurate!

So another episode of Teen Wolf done. Another blog post full of my rambling shouty reactions and a whole heap of Dylan O’brien. I HATE THAT WE HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE WEEK FOR MORE!


Did you watch the episode? What were your favourite moments? Any thoughts or theories for the rest of the season? TALK TO ME TEEN WOLF FANS!



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