Teen Wolf Reactions – Season 6B Episode 1

I was inspired to do this post by Aria over at Blue Lily and Blue, and her reaction posts for the current season of Game of Thrones. It has been so much fun heading over to her blog to see what she thought, and discuss how I felt about the latest episode with her. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, make sure you check out her posts! Since I am such a big Teen Wolf fan, and these next 10 episodes will be the last, I figured I would do something similar and hopefully find some of you other Teen Wolf fans out their to discuss with!

So it took me a few days to work up the courage to actually watch this episode. With it being the last 10 episodes, I am really not ready for it to be over… and this episode marked the beginning of the end. Not to mention, all things that had been said before this episode pointed to not a lot of Stiles (or possibly no Stiles at all). WHAT IS THE POINT WITHOUT STILES! Well… there is still a point of course, but I like being dramatic.

So here were my reactions, as I watched the episode for the first time. If you haven’t watched it yet, you know not to go any further!

  • Scott as assistant coach is perfect. NO! WAIT! COACH IS PERFECT!
  • NO DYLAN IN THE CREDITS! NOOOOOOO! I wasn’t expecting to see much of him (if any) but to take him out of the opening credits is in no way okay *throws pillows*
  • But the Sheriff is still there so not all is lost!
  • Who the f*** is this new guidance counselor? What does she know? What does she want to know? Why is she here? WHY ARE GUIDANCE COUNSELORS ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS!?
  • LOL Scott giving his mum a tazer. Aw Scott!
  • No sign of Stiles but still keeping my fingers tightly crossed.
  • PARISH! So we have two Hell Hounds now? Interesting…
  • Oh my god, leave Lydia alone! Poor girl has been through enough nightmares for a dozen lifetimes. AND WHY SPIDERWEBS AHHHHH (also super excited to meet her in October)
  • Okay officially two Hell Hounds. Just casually chatting. And then bursting into flames!
  • This Hell Hound is a bit douchey. Be more like Parish!
  • Okay so we have mystery now. Who (or what) is this Hell Hound looking for! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE IN BEACON HILLS NOW!
  • Be Gentle… Oh, don’t worry Stiles. I will be. *laughs at own terrible joke*
  • But the jeep… ALL THE TEARS!
  • “We can’t leave…” BOOM! Didn’t see that coming right? *heavy sarcasm*
  • LOL Guidance councilor with a gun. Oh I’ll just follow this guy into the woods and then shoot him cause that’s a damn fantastic idea!
  • Aw no don’t call him! He is so damn happy. With all his dorky FBI Merchandise.


AND WE HAVE STILES! I was so so worried this season was going to be a major let down with my favourite character missing, so when I saw him I actually squealed. Now I know we won’t have as much of him as the previous seasons obviously, but he is still there and I am so happy. He was so damn adorable, being all happy at the FBI and asking all the questions. And I almost spat out my drink when he spat out his. It was perfect. Also… Derek! Stiles and Derek story line! That makes me unbelievably excited for the remaining episodes.

In case you hadn’t already figured it out. I have a bit of a thing for Stiles/Dylan. Lol.

But other than that fantastic moment at the end, there were some other great bits too. Heartbroken Liam was hilarious, and Liam and Mason kept the humor going throughout the episode. I laughed so hard when they went to see Melissa and she thought they were bringing her dinner. So good.

How creepy was Lydia’s vision! All the spiderwebs and the creepy voices and the screaming.It gave me a good feeling about this season… the Big Bad needs to be terrifying with this being the last season. Not that anything could beat Void Stiles, but it needs to be pretty damn bad!

And who or what is this damn Hell Hound #2 looking for (Parrish will always be #1…). What did they let out when they saved Stiles. WHAT IS IT! And I need to know more about the Guidance Counselor. She was soooo damn suspicious and pushy and I already hate her!

I am so so ready for next weeks episode. Best thing about waiting a few days to watch this one is that next episode isn’t too far away!


Did you watch the episode? What were your favourite moments? Any thoughts or theories for the rest of the season? TALK TO ME TEEN WOLF FANS!



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